A photo sharing app for group activities

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Why Camjam?

Ever missed out on photos from a great trip with friends because they're scattered across different clouds?

Or just because someone didn’t upload them?

Camjam fixes that!

Everybody gets the photos in original quality directly on their phones. Hassle free, no extra effort needed.

How it works

  1. Download the Camjam app.
  2. Start a Jam by giving it a name and an expiration date.
  3. Invite your fellow jammers.
  4. Capture your experiences with your usual camera app.
  5. Pick the photos you want to share.
  6. Select the photos to be downloaded to your phone in original quality.

Your privacy

We take your privacy seriously and for this reason collect the bare minimum of data needed for Camjam to work and your great photos to be shared.

Here is what we need and why:

We don’t share your data with other companies or use it for any other purpose beyond sharing your photos with your friends.

We only keep your photos on our infrastructure for as long as it's needed for reliable sharing.


Christian loves making and re-visiting memories but not so much capturing them. Emma loves all three but not so much the effort to share them. As a developer, Christian began to think how to fix this. So was born the idea of the “awesome photo sharing app”.

As laid back a developer as photographer, Christian needed help. Luckily, fellow great coder Denny thought the idea was cool too. The three met for coffee (multiple times) and co-developed Camjam aka. “awesome photo sharing app”.